Children's play area for a cruise ship. Read more

  • Front view of the play area
  • Sectioned view
  • View over the slide balcony

The playground area, despite not being the most important area in a ship, proves to be of some importance, since this type of cruise ship requires an area dedicated to the little ones, where they can have elements that area specially targeted to their needs, comfort and well being.

Located on the lower deck, in the common and lift access area, adjacent to the clinic, this space has an area of approximately 20 square metres and is designed for children aged between 3 and 8 years old.

Using the sea as inspiration, this space is composed of different elements that were naturally conditioned by this theme. In this sense, there are two distinct areas in this space that are easily identified. A higher area, directed to reading, building puzzles, gaming and painting, containing shelves (modular, capable of being combined in different ways), table and benches.

The other perimeter is a more specific construction, applicable only to this space, by configuration of the ship walls themselves. In this perspective, we elaborated a representation of a segment of a boat, where there is a staircase and a slide so as to not only energize this space for children, but also to enhance the creativity of its users. Note that the interior of this structure is designed for storage.

In this playground, all materials, finishes and morphology of the objects were thought to protect and safeguard children's safety without ever removing the full potential of play and creativity so characteristic of this age.