Rádio Macau

A limited edition fan pack celebrating the band’s return. Read more

  • Front and side perspective of the Rádio Macau limited edition fan pack
  • Front view of the Rádio Macau limited edition fan pack
  • Perspective of the open Rádio Macau limited edition fan pack

After an absence of a couple of years, Rádio Macau launched a new album titled “8.” With the aim of further promoting the band, we developed a limited edition pack consisting of: CD, t-shirt, giveaways and ticket to the next concert.

In order to reunite the audience of their early career and, simultaneously, attract the curiosity of the younger, the shape of this pack is that of an old radio with multiple compartments, in which the various elements are found. This approach takes quite literally the band's name for their promotion and pack structure.

The ticket lies in lower part of the radio, where usually frequencies are chosen and the sound volume altered. This compartment is able to be removed from its place, and the standard radio information remains in the background, so that it never ceases to exist after removal of the ticket.

Within this area, pulling the knobs of the radio as if it were a drawer, we find the t-shirt. Its main feature is the ability to move the tuning needle through the system of rotary knobs. In this same area are the gifts, that is, wooden chopsticks signed by the band members and a hand fan with their photograph. For being distinctive objects of the city of Macau, these two elements help illustrate the band name once again.

Finally the awaited ticket is found within the radio, where the sound speakers normally are. This part is movable so as to gain access to the CD, in a folded package that also contains a booklet (book with song lyrics) illustrated with radio waves. The CD wafer resembles the cover of its packaging, which illustrates the face of a Macanese listening to music through headphones that are connected to an old radio. This is something impossible in that time, but ordinary in our days, thus associating the two portrayed epochs.

More than a decorative piece, this pack is the fans possibility of acquiring a limited set of unique objects that illustrate their favorite band.