TOC Case

A tablet case to encourage better child education and health. Read more

  • Front and side perspective of the TOC tablet case
  • Inserting the table into the TOC case
  • The three colors of the TOC tablet case

Imagine a future in which reality does not include the costs of health of children, brought about by heavy school backpacks loaded with school material.

According to Barros (2009), about two-thirds of children complain of back pain as a direct result of everyday backpacks. Against the indication of experts, the majority of the younger students carry more than 10% of their weight in their backpack (an average weight of 4.1 to 5.4 kg). The wear of the physical integrity, caused by often uncorrectable damage, usually results in a feeling of discomfort on the way to school.

Bringing together all educational materials, including textbooks and exercise books in a single, lightweight, flexible and ergonomic device, represents a necessary and increasingly essential breakthrough for an evolution of the teaching and learning of children. A single object, an educational support, which allows updating all content quickly and easily, along the various academic years.

In this sense, we developed a protective case for the tablet where all the content would be placed.

The silicone case would be available in different colors or illustrations, to suit every taste, always having the confidence of a superior protection of the tablet, since silicone is easy to clean, and of great strength and durability.