A minimalist oil and vinegar cruet set. Read more

  • Front view of the cruet set, filled with oil
  • Side view of the empty cruet set
  • Exploded view of the cruet set

It was intended that this cruet set would be of easy handling and cleaning, and for this reason the chosen materials were glass and ceramic, materials used since long ago in Portugal.

The cruet set comprises a stand and two cruets, the oil and the vinegar. These consist of 3 elements: cover, body/housing and container/tank.

The body and lid are solids of revolution made in ceramic, and there is a slot on the side of the casing to enable viewing the liquid that is inside the glass container.

Please note that the bottleneck is made of porcelain, not only for having visual characteristics similar to those of the ceramic, but also to allow a smaller thickness. It is assembled to the cylindrical body by means of gluing.

Concerning the stand, to remain consistent with the whole philosophy of the artifact, it is also made in ceramic and results from the slicing and union of four cylinders, allowing an elegant and distinctive framing of the whole.