A practical picnic basket. Read more

  • Side view of the open picnic basket
  • Top view of the open picnic basket
  • The picnic basket in its carrying position
  • Back view of the open picnic basket

This product is made up of five elements. Three zones for containers, bottles and other vessels, a lid and a metal shaft, which allows each compartment of the basket to rotate about itself so as to allow the removal of the elements lying within its interior.

In detail, the basket should pack:

  • in the lower segment (the tallest one): a bottle wrapped in a blanket;
  • in the intermediate compartment: food containers and cups (the latter protected by their respective conditioner);
  • in the space located at the top: the cutlery and napkins, protected by the rubber bands contained therein.

The mode of transport of this cylindrical basket, made of agglomerated cork (a typically Portuguese material), is by its leather strap, in which the closure system of the basket itself is located, achieved through simple metal fittings.